Hardware update


I’m traveling and my laptop craps out. I bought one (Acer, Aspire 7741Z-5731) and swapped the HD. All the important stuff (wireless) works fine although it took a few tries to update the graphics card and get better than the default resolution (800x600).

I’m wondering if there is an on line update to delete all the old now non-existing hardware and install all the new hardware, sort of like how a new install will recognize all the correct hardware and automatically install all the correct drivers?

I didn’t want to have to download the entire distro just to do an update.

Any thoughts would be helpful.

Thank you,
(current version 11.2)

By hardware, you mean drivers?

You’ll probably need to do that one by one. For instance:

NVIDIA -> search in Yast and click the checkbox until it says update

Perhaps you can browse by pattern drivers? I am not sure about this.