hardware raid with openSuse 11.1

I have an ASUS M3A78-CM motherboard that supports RAID 0, 1, and 1+0. I have configured the BIOS to use the SATA ports for RAID. Once the computer rebooted, I was able to get into the RAID configuration utility. I setup 4 SATA drives to function in RAID 1+0.

I also have an IDE 80GB drive which I installed the linux OS onto. The 4 SATA drives (4 x 500GB) act as a single 1tB drive now. I set up a mount point called ‘raidshare’.

i can now store files onto the RAID.

Now onto my question… How do I monitor this RAID setup if a drive is healthy or not? Being that my computer is a home file server, I tucked it away into my closet and SSH into it from another computer.

Also, if a drive is bad, how will I know which one it is? Once I do find out, does the hardware RAID setup automatically rebuild it once a new drive is put into place or do I have to tell it to? How do I know its rebuilding and the status of it?

I’m not running any GUI on my rig, simply command line. I’m fairly new to linux and RAID, but I do have an understanding of the different types of RAID (0, 1, 5, etc) as well as knowing the basics of linux such as configuring and using pico, alpine, apache, samba, ssh, yast, /etc/fstab, etc…

I think what you have is called fakeraid, which is RAID implemented in BIOS firmware. As such management depends on whatever tools were provided with the particular BIOS.

You might want to consider Linux software RAID, where at least if the mobo is replaced, you can still get it running on another mobo. The management program is mdadm.

RAID-Monitor for Linux