Hardware no longer seen with 13.2 KDE box

I’m back after a long hiatus. Hello everybody.

I am noticing now that neither my floppy drive nor my CD/DVD drive are available to me with Dolphin file manager. I’ve been keeping my sytsem up-to-date with the notifications I’ve received along the way but haven’t needed to use either of the drives until just recently. So, I don’t know when availability vanished.
Anyone have any suggestions as to where I should start to resolve these issues? Thanks.

First of all, Dolphin does not show your CD/DVD drive, it only shows CDs/DVDs that are inserted. And that only if they can be read, so if the disc or the drive is broken, it won’t show up.

The floppy drive should indeed be shown all the time, if one is connected and not disabled in the BIOS settings e.g.

Maybe the entries are just hidden?
Try to right-click on another device in Dolphin’s Places panel and choose “Show all entries” if available.

If that doesn’t help either: does /dev/df0 exist? If not, the floppy drive is not even recognized by the kernel. As indicated, it might be disabled in the BIOS settings, so have a look there.

Well, I inserted a DVD and it showed up correctly. Funny me for not seeing this but it’s like when you car malfunctions and you take it to the shop for repair and it decides to function then flawlessly. :slight_smile:

And, the BIOS had the floppy drive disabled. Man, oh man. My knowledge is down for some reason. Too many machines being adminstered and I tend to forget myself.

BTW, hope things are going well for you my friend. Glad to see you pop up on my thread. Hadn’t seen you in a while even though I know you were answering other’s posts and I’m just glad to talk with you once again. Later.

Yes, I’m fine. Thanks.

I just cannot reply to every post, and I don’t know an answer to every question either.
Nothing personal… :wink:

Btw, I made a typing mistake:
it should have been /dev/fd0, not /dev/df0 (my Amiga roots came through it seems… :wink: )

But nice to hear you sorted it out anyway.