Hardware modem will not configure

I have a Zoom 2920 internal hardware modem that worked well with Suse 10.0. In Suse 11.3 the modem config. overview lists 2 modems for this one board; #1- AT Modem and #2- Venus Modem (v90, 56K Flex). With #1 “edit” brings up modem parameters and the modem device line is blank. With #2 the device line shows /dev/ttys4.

When the provider parameters are entered, for either #1 or #2, the modem overview continues to list them as not configured but a third line “modem 0” is configured with the provider information at /dev/ttys4. The modem will not function.

Please tell me what I am doing wrong here.

Thanks, Bill

Try using the wvdialconf utility to detect your modem (usually good for serial modem devices)


If this doesn’t work, see what you get when executed from a root terminal. (This will pick up any permissions problems).

See how that goes first.

Some useful references:

SDB:Modem Test - openSUSE

wvdial.conf(5): wvdial config file - Linux man page

BTW, you may also verify that /dev/ttyS4 exists with

ls -l /dev/ttyS*

Be careful with the syntax too (ttyS* rather than ttys* as you first posted).

I have a same problem I have a huawei ec325 usb cdma modem it is listed as /dev/USB0/ttyS0. I tried to connect using the network manager applet cannot connect to the www

Try using wvdial (CLI utility) or kppp (GUI dialler) instead. (There are lots of threads on this subject if you search).