hardware for new install & what video card?

I would like to build a system for high performance computing (not gaming, not video demanding).

This is my list – does this look compatible? I did check the hardware lists already.

What video card should I get that will be compatible? ATI, EVGA, etc? I don’t care; I just want it to run correctly. I want to run 64 bit OS.

Is it better to get two hard drives & load the OS on one hard drive & data on the second hard drive?

  1. Asus P6T SE X58 (DDR3, Cross Fire)
  2. Intel i7 920
  3. 6 GB DDR3 1333
  4. 500 GB WD 7200RPM SATA2 UDMA
  5. Logisys 550W ATX Power Supply w/6pin PCI-E

Thank you so much!

What sort of high performance computing? I would look at a 9xxx or
GTX Nvidia GPU and use the CUDA features to off load some processing.

More info here on CUDA

Is it disk intensive? If so look at getting a WD Raptor 150GB for you OS
or with your 500GB drives RE3 versions.

You might also want to look at Xeon Quad cpu’s rather than i7.

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Thanks for the fast response!

I have an Nvidia card on a different system & it always gives me compatibility issues with Suse. I am sure I just didn’t install it correctly.

Most of the codes I run are not parallelized or GPU/CUDA-based. However, that is a direction I would like to go, just not today but if the system could ‘upgrade’ to that, that might be good.

I will investigate the two types of hard drives, that is also a good thought.

This is similar to my main PC (which I use for video encoding and HD video playback), where my PC is a 64-bit Intel Core i7 920 w/6GB (Asus P6T Deluxe V2 motherboard) w/ PCI-e nVidia GeForce GTX260 graphics. I am running openSUSE-11.2 on it with on problem. Previous 11.1 worked on it. I booted successfully 11.3 M7 on it.

I spend a bit extra for the power supply, but I dont know it off the top of my head, … I have to look it up. I think it had a bit less than 550 W, but I’m not sure.

Well CUDA is already there, I use it on occasions with this card. I
always install the ‘Hard Way’ so it would pay to keep a copy of your
xorg.conf around as it may be needed since sax is/has gone.

You might even consider SATA SSD for the OS and then use a 10K raptor
to process on. The other option is RAID0 which will give a perfomance
boost but no redundancy. I run 2x36GB raptors in RAID0 for the OS and
have a WD 500GB RE3 for data and configs, then a small NAS with 2x500GB
RE3’s for backup.

If your processing for long periods of time at full load, then I’m not
sure about the i7 maybe you should look at googling on that?

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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