Hardware-Failure by iron rule?

I have the following Hardware to be supported by the OS
-> Monitor
-> Keyboard
-> Mouse
-> Analog Modem
-> 2 DVD-Drives (Read/Write)
-> Onboard Soundcard
-> Epson Printer
-> One Zip-Drive
-> One Floppy-Disk-Drive
I have to find out, that no matter what OpenSuse or other Linux distribution I am using, at least one device is constantly not working. When I am lucky that printer and soundboard have been detected and are working well, I get next annoyed by seeing the k3d does not detect my LG-DVD-writer. If both writer are properly detected however the sound board is signaled to be buggy. If there is no apparent fault at all I get my cold shower with the keyboard suddenly no more supporting extendend german keys. It is quite a hell spending money on this trash and it applies to all distributions (Ubuntu, Mandriva, OpenSuse). So I wonder: Is there an iron Linux rule to constantly disturb or not accept at least one available device? The point is: There is always at least one distribution which properly works on the specified devices. This is wicked! Or is it the number of devices which troubles Linux. Should I disconnect the floppy disk drive? Or the ZIP-Drive?

  • KonradV,

most of the time it is different kernel versions among differnet distributions causing such effects. I suggest you install openSUSE and you let us help you fixing the issue with the device not working under openSUSE :slight_smile:


> Or is it the number of devices which troubles Linux.

it is the other way around: no devices have linux trouble, it is just
that almost all devices have drivers to allow them to work effort
free with Microsoft Windows…

see, MS and hardware manufacturers work together to KEEP you coming
back year after year…no matter how much that cost you!

but, more and more hardware makers are participating in developing
drivers for the Mac, and for Linux…

they do that by helping to write the open source drivers, or by
writing their own, proprietary drivers…an example of this is nVidia
who write drivers FOR linux, as well as for Windows…

until all devices are born with Linux drivers it is best to buy
hardware that is KNOWN to work with Linux…

IBM, Leveno, Dell, HP, Asus and others make systems which ship with
Linux installed…i guess most of those systems will run Vista (but i
do NOT know that for sure)…what i DO know is there are thousands
and thousands of combinations of hardware DESIGNED for Windows use
that will NOT run on BeOS, OS/2, Unix, AIX, Mac, or Linux OR
dozens of others in this list:

patience in doing the research PRIOR to purchase is the best
course…and, if you look at the money you save over the years by NOT
being tied to one software vendor, you can afford to throw away some
of the problems…and, start over!!!

Give a hacker a fish and you feed him for a day.
Teach man and you feed him for a lifetime.

I am convinced that Linux-Systems provide the drivers for all my hardware. On many distributions my soundboard plays the music, on many distributions my printer works fine, on other distributions my two DVD-writers are properly configured and accessible etc. What really strikes me, is that on what distribution ever I install, at least one device fails. It is really a ***** with Linux. Recently I had Knoppix on my computer. I was quite amazed that everything seems to run perfectly… until I tried to save the configuration to floppy disk. Nothing happened at all even though it was formatted etc. On OpenSuse my Intel Soundboard fails. Yesterday I tried an OpenSuse 11.1 from Data Becker and the it was nonetheless correctly loaded. But then (the hell!) my second DVD-drive was suddenly not configured. I put a CD in and nothing plays. Recently I installed Kubuntu, and after having even running KDE without problems, I got stuck configuring my printer. It was impossible. Following this torture over mounth now I wrecked days and some hundred Euro only for trying insane distribution driving me to despair! I assure you, this is not the way to frighten the MS-Windows Community…

> I assure you, this is not the way to frighten the MS-Windows
> Community…

WHO is trying to do that?

i don’t care if they march shoulder-to-shoulder UNfrightened into 2010
or 2110, spending all the money they wish trying to keep out the
viruses, worms, malware, trojans, crackers, key loggers, bot-net
makers and whatever…

i do NOT care what folks with a ring IN their nose do with their money
or their time (if they enjoy reinstalling just to keep operating, then
LET them)…

ALL of my hardware works…i am happy…yours can work too…if you
have the patience to make it happen…

if not, and if Microsoft Windows works for you, then use
it…UNfrightened…until the cows come home…

i see that so far, including the post i’m answering you have made 13
posts here…how many of those asked for help? how many times have
you asked for help here and NOT found a solution?


  • KonradV,

please install openSUE and let’s start solving your issues. You can let off some steam in the soapbox forum; this one here is for technical purposes only.

Thank you.


Sorry to contradict you but:

  1. It are not my problems but yours (OpenSuse, Ubuntu, Mandriva et alteri…
  2. As I mentioned I deliberately destroy obviously not working distributions after the second try to get rid of constantly occuring problems and to prevent me from investing more energy. I also told that exactly this happened yesterday after approx. 3 hours and 13 Euro spent on my latest OpenSuse 11.1 try.
  3. I am able to perform all my necessary duties with fu**** MS-windows and I will never again install OpenSuse, Mandriva and Ubuntu in order to get skrewed by demon-tools like kppp.
  4. Without a working internet-connection you may have some trouble helping me over “my” problems
  5. I am aware about the nature of “help” usually offered by the help-desks consisting of half a dozen of command lines the half of them not recognised and the other ones filled with accronyms like ${KDEDIR} etc and this is usually the position, where I get lost. You just don’t understand, what it really means being a newby in Linux. Otherwise you would come to the point rather than constantly offering workarounds. If (for example) kppp cannot be started or configured accompenied by a shower of license, protection and similar messages this is a problem to be resolved by the official installer (Yast etc). You cannot burden the user with this task, if at the same time the help-files on the DVD-ROM provide no hit when just entering Modem and the connection with the internet fails.

Last comment on this issue… Continue your community in peace…

> You just don’t understand, what it really means being a newby in Linux.

he thinks you were born with a silver penguin in your mouth Uwe…
how else could he think you were never a n00b…

i’m still one (after most of ten years)…

anyway, i guess he would have never figured linux out…too little

too bad…well, maybe he will like Windows more and more with
time…its not likely to get a lot worse than Vista…


Make any problem anybody else’s. Some call it efficiency. Some use other words.

Knurpht, assuming you have openSUSE installed, please just post your specific problem, and we have many volunteers who would be willing to try to help.

We don’t package openSUSE on our forum. Rather we try to help users with openSUSE problems, or share in our success. So please just post your specific help request.

Knurpht, apologies, … previous post was intended for KonradV. :slight_smile:

I was refering to the guy who started the post: help was offered by Uwe, but rejected. I should have quoted that to be clearer.

So we’re friends again…:wink:

Lol … and I’ll go back to school learning how to quote the proper post. lol!