hardware dial-up modem

Are there detailed instructions for Suse 11.2, anywhere, on installing a hardware dial-up modem and configuring it to get an Internet connection?

Which modem? You shouldn’t have any difficulties with installing any HW modem. There were usually issues with SW modems. Use Network Manager and set up dial-up connection (regarding to an area where you live) and select modem can be modem0 or whatever. If you miss drivers, you might search for them on Linux drivers or Linmodems

Detailed information you have on openSuSE’s page openSuSE’s page.

I hope this resolves problem.

Yast was just so super-easy for me to get my external hardware modem setup (for dialup). I just clicked on that little modem icon,…filled out the info, and that was that. All I needed to do after that,…was just install “Kinternet” from the OpenSUSE install DVD. Works like a charm!