Hardware detection stuck

Hello, i have been trying to install leap 15 on new asus tuf gaming FX504GE laptop via usb stick, leap boots but never shows all the options on first screen where you can usually pick graphic resolution and other options. It just gives me option tu install or try live, but what ever i choose it stuck on hardware detection and than i have to shutdown laptop.
I am trying to find answers on the www for 2 days but no luck.
Is it possible problem that the laptop is to new? <- meaning on hardware

thank you,

Try using a ‘text-mode’ install (you can sort graphics related issues out post-install)…


Thank you for reply. I would use text mode, but as i said on main screen when you get to choose options (like install, boot from hdd, more ect.) I dot have options or posibillities to choose or to press F3 or any other Fkey.
How else can i go text mode install?
I can only press C for command line and E for edit entry.

The function key menu at the bottom missing indicates you are booted to the UEFI installer. Special boot options must be manually entered by using the e key and appending/removing/editing entries as desired. For text mode, append textmode=1 to the line beginning with linux, which may be wrapped. Before you try text mode, consider giving nomodeset a try. Most installation options are listed on the linuxrc page.

Like mrmazda says, it’s the UEFI installer. Having said that, the hardware might be to new for 15.0’s stock kernel. I’d download a Tumbleweed live image, create a bootable USB from it ( just like any install medium ) and see if that doesn’t fail.

thank you all for your help, i managed to install leap 15 and now fine tuning. Steps were textmode=1 no acpi and nomo something i cant remeber right now.
now fighting nvidia gtx 1050ti and cpu i7850.

Thanks for the update. If you need further support with getting your graphics configured, start a new thread with descriptive title to attract the attention of those that may be able to help.

last update - graphic installation works, it was not manadatory in my case of new hardware to go txt mode, actual problem was cpu. I have run instalation once more just to try out the idea. Only argument i used was acpi=no. After installation updated all and than rebooted with configured YaST as default, deieted acpi=no. Did not install anything by myself what OS didnt do by it self. Thou my 6core cpu is shown now as 12cores…dont know why and gonna investigate it further

Most moderne CPU have hyper-threading which appears as 2X the cores