Hard Interruptible Mount on openSuse 11.2

I’m using openSuse 11.2 and testing one of my HA (High Available) solution for my product requires NAS to be HARD,INTERRUPTIBLE MOUNT rather than SOFT mount.

Can someone advise me on how should I perform a HARD,INTERRUPTIBLE MOUNT in openSuse 11.2?

I highly appreciate if you can give me the command / Steps to mount it as such.

Thank you all in advance and all your replies are appreciated.

Look into the man page of nfs(5)

man nfs

You will find the nfs options:
*hard * (the default)
soft (not he default :slight_smile: )
*intr * (not the default)
Not difficult to find.
I suppose you know how to put them in the /etc/fstab entry or how to specify them in a *mount *command.


man mount


man fstab

Still questions? Come back here.

Sir, I really apologize for not replying to your post. I didn’t mean any arrogance there.

It indeed worked for me.
The command I used for mounting the hard interruptible mount is shown below:

mount -t nfs -o intr,hard,rw IP:/DRIVE /DRIVE

I must thank Mr.hcw for showing me the right direction. Thank you Sir and I want to assure you that I will post the answers for other people from now on as well!!! :slight_smile:

Nice it worked.

BTW, I hope that the word DRIVE, that most possibly stands for some other real text you have there, does not mean that you think this is about drives (which I think most people call the enclosure with a disk in it), and also that not both mentionings of DRIVE there mean that they have to be the same. Because then you would have a misconception.

IP/DRIVE stands for:
IP: the IP address (or the hostname that resolves to an IP address) of the NFS server.
DRIVE: the directory as it is exported by the NFS server. And that directory can be any directory in the server, it does not have to be a mountpoint itself and thus has no direct association with the root of a mounted file syem or partition and thus not with the whole disk where that partition may be on, let alone with the box the disk is revolving in.

The exported directory is seen as a partition by the client and as such mounted on an existing directory anywhere in the client system It can of course have by incident the same name as the export, but it does not have to.


mount -t nfs -o intr,hard,rw /mnt/datab