Hard-drive spins faster and louder and Suse Freezes

I installed opensuse 11 off of a live cd and then downgraded to kde 3.5 and everything was working smoothly. Recently, I had two crashes after leaving my computer on without any activity (for maybe 45 minutes) where the hard drive would get really loud and spin fast and I would look up (from reading and not paying attention) and see that there was a weird image on the screen (slightly transparent, possibly the work of compiz) that was white with black feather-like blotches on it. The mouse responds but I can’t click on anything and I have to hard reset.
What’s going on?

Sounds like compiz, so you do have it installed then?

You say you downgraded to kde 3.5
You mean you installed kde3 as a option for your desktop, as wel as having kde4 installed?

Check your system monitor when this happens to see what is taking all your cpu

are you using reiserfs and beagle?
if yes, uninstall beagle!
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I do have compiz installed
I do have KDE 3.5 installed in addition to kde 4.
I can’t check system monitor when it happens because no keyboard commands work.
And I don’t have reiserfs installed but I do have beagle.
I recently switched my cpu to hyperthreading in the bios, would this cause the crashing?

hyperthreading has caused issues with some, and I seem to recall in earlier ver. of suse, you had to use a different kernel, but not so now I think.
Just try going back to bios and disable, run for a while and see.
Beagle needs to be turned off too, it’s a hogg.

i’m not sure why, but it was the “interaggragate” screensaver that would trigger these freezes (i switched screensaver off of random to one of the other screensavers so that it wont choose interaggragate)
i’m not sure why it was causing problems but it doesn’t really matter to me because it isn’t something i need

> it was the “interaggragate” screensaver that would
> trigger these freezes

i think you should log a bug report, see

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