Hard drive paritioning


I have a used laptop:

lenovo 81x2 ideapad 14ARE05
cpu: amd ryzen 7 4700u
gpu: amd renoir (built-in the cpu)
ssd drive 512gb

By default, the btrfs install takes 1/3 of the drive for the root and the snapshots (160gb), leaving the home with the rest. I want to do the btrfs install with root and snapshots down to 64gb. (I don’t need many snapshots, only 2 or 3. For me, the space for a regular root would be around 12gb to 16gb of usage.)

How can I set the partitions? Any step by step guide?


The deafult installation nowadays makes one btrfs partition that includes /home. That is not whate you describe. Are you sure that 160 GB is not including /home?

And of course, what ever the installer offers you, it is only a suggestion. You can change that or even ignore it completely using the expert partitioner from the installer.

I have found a youtube video from techsolutionz that shows how to set custom BTRFS partitions on Leap 15.4 during their install (must be the beta, since it hasn’t been released yet). It’s quite simple after viewing the video.


It has been simple since ever: Installation steps | Start-Up | openSUSE Leap 15.5 If suggested partitioning is not what you want go to Guided setup. If Guided setup doesn’t work for you either go to Expert Partitioner.

How to Install OpenSUSE 15.4 Leap with Manual Partitions | Manual Disk Partitions Guide for Linux.