Hard drive advice

I have a couple of HDD’s that the new ‘Info Center’ indicates are in early stage of failure.
So I am looking at a single replacement(maybe 2 if the price is right).

This old desktop is an HP Compaq DC7700 CMT circa 2013.
Would SSD’s work in it?
Thinking about 1 or 2 230GB spin type HD’s or 230GB SSD’s if they will work.


>An aside, I am likely to need a new(er) GPU card if I plan on staying with Leap. Seem sit is a bit more demanding on GPU resources.

I have SSDs in multiple PCs twice as old as yours. An SSD can work in anything that has a matching interface. I don’t think you’ll find much to choose from in 230G. 240, 250 & 256 are far more common. I have all three of those sizes, and smaller, and larger. What I recommend is new quality SATA 3.0 cables to replace older 1.0 or 2.0 even in a PC that only supports less than 3.0. IME SSDs don’t like getting hot inside those plastic heat insulators most of them come in. Get some cool air flow on them if you can. Don’t leave them in a hot air pocket.

Since the form factor is the same, if you can afford it, why not go with a larger capacity? With the SATA 3.0 connector, I have seen:
256GB - $26
512GB - $42
1TB - $80

Avoid using Samsung SATA.
Use SATA drive with DRAM cache.
240-256 GB SSD (and smaller) drives ares slower than 480-512 GB (and bigger) ones.