hard disk mount

I have a dual boot system 11.3 (64b) on one hard drive sda and Kubuntu (32B) on sdb.
Kubuntu mounts the other systems home and allows copying of files using Dolphin asking for a password. Opensuse 11.3 when rite click on file in Dolphin place give this error 'an error occurred while accessing '212 Gib hardrive, The system responded: org.freedesktop.hal.dveice.permission denied by policy: blah, blah. Left click doesn’t list a mounting option? I tried for a month but can’t figure out how to open files in Kubuntu from 11.3?

It’s a bug
You need to set a mount point in fstab

What you could do is create a directory say call it: /somepartition
just kidding, call it what ever…
to create it, as su in a terminal do:

mkdir /somepartition

Now edit fstab - see this guide for ntfs:
FSTAB - Editing Manually

If it’s not ntfs, let me know if you don’t know what to do

I dont know what to do.

That’s not very helpful.
How am I supposed to tell you what to do if I don’t know what we are dealing with.

Open a terminal, become su - and do this

fdisk -l

Post the result

And also the result of this

cat /etc/fstab

Tell me if you can which partition you want to have access to.