Happy to be back on Tumbleweed!

Wanted to add yet another appreciation/thank you post. I’ve been wanting to switch from Windows for a long time now, but was always held back by gaming. I finally decided to take the jump a couple months ago thanks to all of the Linux gaming progress over the past couple years! Since then I’ve been distro-hopping to find something that worked well with my setup, which isn’t as easy as I thought it would be with Nvidia Optimus. I gave openSUSE Tumbleweed a shot after seeing that its users seemed pretty passionate about it. Every distro I’ve tried since (Fedora, Nobara, and multiple Arch-based) has seemed like something was “missing.”

The KDE experience is unmatched, imho, and there are tons of features I absolutely loved (YaST, great btrfs support, snapshots, stability, OBS, etc.). Luckily I stumbled upon the root cause of my Nvidia Optimus woes that caused me to switch from Tumbleweed to an Arch-based distro, and finally came back to Tumbleweed! (Turns out suse-prime was exactly what I needed all along…) It was a fun ride, and I learned a LOT, but everything kind of feels “just right” now that I’m back on Tumbleweed. Plus stability means more time for family, gaming, and developing!

tldr: Been distro-hopping for a couple months and I always seem to come back to openSUSE Tumbleweed. Huge thanks for an awesome (plus stable and user-friendly) distro and community!


I have to agree.
Years ago I tried openSUSE and found a few things that didn’t work well for me, including BOINC. I also didn’t want the extra KDE PIM and other packages.
After being on a few Arch derivatives I found my way back to Tumbleweed, mainly due to the extra security it offers over Arch, but I also have enjoyed being able to now choose which packages to install. Flatpaks solved the problem of not having access to the Arch User Repository and everything is working really smoothly now. Although I did have to use Snapper rollback once due to a configuration fail on my part. But that is also an example of how good it is to be on openSUSE.
So, big thank you from me as well to all the maintainers and helpers in this forum :slight_smile:

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Snapper rollback saved me this week as well! I had issues when the Nvidia drivers were updated, but I was able to just boot into the pre-update snapshot and wait until the bug was fixed. Took just a few minutes instead of hours (that I didn’t have) chasing down and debugging the issue!

One of the first things I set up when trying Arch-based distros was openSUSE-style snapshots. That stability and peace of mind is hard to beat!

You can use “opi” command too, to install packages from non-official repositories.

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