Happy Holiday

Happy holidays from my wife Marilyn and I. If you celebrate Yule, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year, or any other holiday this time of year, have a happy one.

Same to both of you.

Hm, it looks as if you have a lot of sun over there, there is snow outside here.

No sun over here. That picture is just wishful thinking. It was our trip to Hawaii last fall.

Hey Kim, same to you and Marilyn.

And the same to you and all your colleagues.

Thanks a lot, Kim! Same to you and your wife.

Today is my last working day in this year :wink:

Lucky you! Enjoy the holiday.

Thank you Mr kgroneman and Mrs Marilyn Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!:slight_smile:

Peace on Earth, and good will towards towards all. :slight_smile: