Hanwang (Hanvon) Artmaster III Tablet not working completly in SUSE 11.4

Switching from Ubuntu/Kubuntu 11.4 to openSUSE 11.4 reveals some small but annoying problems. The mayor problem of these is my Hanwang drawing-tablet! The problem is that the contact between the pencil and the tablet-drawing-surface does not result in activation. The only way get the pen drawing is by pushing the middle button on the tablet (there are a row of buttons in one side of tablet).By drawning in this rather awkward way a lot of unstable behavior is detected (freezing, drop outs etc.). The same problem occurred in ubuntu 10.10 with linux 2.6.37, in 11.4 with 2.6.38 and 2.6.39 it was gone. I believe that the problem might by in the kernel! In openSUSE i have this kernels , and non of them seems to have the solution that makes the Hanwang work well… Is it some kind of patch that are missing in openSUSE or is something not set up correct?

On 08/28/2011 10:46 AM, waseli wrote:
> Is it some kind of patch that are missing in openSUSE or is something
> not set up correct?

i do not actually know, but was that tablet advertised for sale with
info like: Requires a Windows Vista/Win7, Apple OSX or openSUSE Linux
operating system? or, did it have printed on the box a flying windows
logo, a smiling Apple logo and a Tux Penguin?

suggest you search the Hanwang web site for an offered driver or a
how-to set it up with linux guide…

or, maybe on their site you can learn which watcom tablet it most
closely emulates (and make sure that watcom driver is installed, if
Hanwang does not provide you one, specific to your tablet)…and, if
you go into Personal Settings -Configure Desktop > Hardware > Input
Devices is your tablet correctly identified? and are all the user
available setting as they maybe should be (according to what you learn
from the hardware manufacturer)?

next best, while you are waiting for a Hanwang using openSUSE guru to
drop by, might be a google search on something like

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When i bought the device I was still using windows, but i know that there was no support for linux-systems then! The fact that kubuntu 11.4 have no problems with the tablet shows that there are linux-support now! In the folder: /usr/src/linux/drivers/input/tablet a folder called hanwang.c appears - i do not know what its for, it is some kind of program. In Xsetwacom on kubuntu the hanwang shows up, this is not the case in openSUSE, here are no devices showing up. I do not know if its because the xsetprogram is to old (0.10.8 in openSUSE)(0.10.11 in Kubuntu) or it is another program that takes control of the hanwang in openSUSE, and therefore it behaves like a mouse instead of a tablet. surfing on the net gives me the feeling that it is the last assumption that is correct. it has to be xsetwacom or related programs that works with the tablet. I Have tried to install xf86-wacom 0-11-1 with no luck - don’t know how or in any use!

On 08/29/2011 11:56 AM, waseli wrote:
> The fact that kubuntu 11.4
> have no problems with the tablet shows that there are linux-support now!

i have helped all i can, sorry…you are welcome to hang out here and
wait for someone with specific Hanwang experience on openSUSE…

until that guru stops in with the answer i guess you could log a bug,
here: http://tinyurl.com/nzhq7j

but, if you are the only user with that problem it could be quite a
while before the developers look at trying to fix it (they have
thousands of bugs this second: http://tinyurl.com/392jnb)

and, of course you could always follow my first rule: Use what works!
(like your “kubuntu 11.4”)

DD Caveat
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6 hours and many mistakes later i found the answer her: SDB:Wacom tablet installer - openSUSE ! this script works excellent also on a Hanwang Artmaster III.(not easy to install - not on my machine anyway). The problem most have been the lack of xf86-input-wacom.

  • The “feeling” of openSUSE is better then Kubuntu. It is much easier to get Kubuntu or Ubuntu working when you are new to Linux ( openSUSE is the oldest system on my desktop, and I have turned away from it many times because of the complications with small simple things - But I just like the feeling of openSUSE much more then the other OS’s!


maybe then you edit

SDB:Wacom tablet installer - openSUSE

as it currently says

This script* has only been tested* on a Bamboo Pen & Touch(CTH-460) tablet.

there seem very few experts on these tablets on the forum

On 08/30/2011 05:06 AM, pdc 2 wrote:

> maybe then you edit ‘SDB:Wacom tablet installer - openSUSE’

good idea! done!!

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