Hannah Montana Linux

yeah those are good, but do you remember the program on Linux that displays such quotes? I forgot it’s name and can’t think of it during the whole day :\

grrrr wtf was it called again… hmmm

oh and of course, Emacs has its own shrink you could talk to when going bonkers due to something breaking yet again in the server room ::smiley:

fortune (cookie)

Hallelujah sweet baby raptor jebus. Finally hahaha… Thanks dude rotfl! That’s it. Stupid fortune :smiley:

It’s still in the repos. I typed fortune and command_not_found suggested to me to install it with zypper.

You can get it here: LinuxTracker .::. Index->Torrent->Details

Are they planning in supporting and developing this distro further or is it just a one-timer, like an experiment or so ?

Please seed! lol!