Hanging up in a min after KDE start

Hi, people. I have the following problem with openSUSE 11.0 x86_64 - after approx 1.5 months of usage it started to freeze in 1-1.5 minutes after starting KDE. The only things that seem to be working is mouse cursor (still moves, yep) and Alt+B+SysRq, but nothing else (including switching to ttyX and restarting X with Ctrl+Alt+BSpace). When I’m using runlevel 3 everything works fine (until I switch it to 5). I checked out /var/log/messages and the last ones before crashing are from gconfd. Still I’m not sure that is the real problem. I have plenty of free space on drives and no CPU overload according to top.

Hi, I have a similar problem on openSUSE 11 and KDE 3. After a few minutes the system freezes and can only Alt + SysRq + B to restart again. Other SysRq commands do not work. A replacement of the graphics card and the RAM was no change. Output of ‘top’ and ‘tail -f /var/log/messages’ is not helpful.

Mysterious: as a workaround, I created a new account. Here, everything stays stable! I can start all programs with all my old settings from the old account in a shell after ‘su - old_account’ … :frowning:

Any ideas?