Hanging/Unusual behaviour - Seemingly nvidia related

Hi guys.

I’ve been using Open SuSE a lot at work recently and I have been really pleased with how easy it is to get up and running, set up web servers, etc etc. Yast is also a fantastic package manager.

So I decided to have a change from Ubuntu and install it on my home PC.

It installed OK, but on boot the resolution was not optimal, but this is no big deal…it’s just a driver that’s required afteral…usually.

I followed the instructions for one click install here - NVIDIA - openSUSE

But then the PC would hang for no apparently reason (4 or 5 times in the next hour)

I then removed and reinstalled through Yast (aka, the repository way). I am still getting hanging, and additionally the top bar of any program window is missing (ie the bar with the title, minimise, maximise and close buttons)…so that’s not ideal!

I’ve not yet tried the hard way…

My card is a BFG 8800GT with 512MB RAM

I’ve checked /var/log/messages but it’s not showing any crash related events. Not sure what other logs to check.

if I do sax2 -r -m 0=vesa - the problems go away and the system does not crash. This is what is leading me to think that it’s driver related.

Any advice most appreciated, as I would like to stick with Open SuSE! Too much distro hoppings just ends up being counter productive…

PS - I use Gnome


This might very well be a desktop effect that’s causing this. Does freezing/hanging happen when desktop effects are turned off?

You could also check whether all compiz related packages have been installed correctly, or quicker, force a reinstall of those.