Hanging on boot up OpenSuse Leap

I installed Leap a few days ago on a Lenovo B50 laptop and all seemed well actually everything worked amazingly well it loaded and ran with no issues at all. I’ve used it successfully and regularly since I installed it but this afternoon it failed to load.

When I boot the laptop it goes through it’s normal routine I start Suse, the green symbol with the dots appears does it’s thing and goes away then nothing just a grey screen with an underscore “_” in the top left corner. There is no prompt to login.

The repair option on the CD enables me to login but I have no idea what to do after that, advice on what to do or what to read would be much appreciated.

Thanks All. aamcle

It is likely to be a graphics problem.

From your description, it looks as if it has successfully booted, but is hanging on starting the GUI (graphic interface).

What desktop do you use?
What login manager do you use (if you know)?
What graphics card do you use?

The “green symbol with dots” is the Plymouth splash screen. When you see that, hit ESC. You will probably see a string of outputs on the screen, and those might give some hints.

I’ve reinstalled Leap, I don’t yet have the knowledge to attempt a repair and I think I removed something needful, I don’t know what but I’ll be more careful.

Thanks for helping.

ATB. aamcle

I’m having a similar issue right now.

I saw “Network Services” fail to start.

I am able to switch to a CLI terminal and login. Network is not operating. There’s no network connection at all.