hang on shutdown

Did anyone get to the bottom of the previous thread about hanging on shutdown

My machine will not shutdown - It goes through the motions, it closes everything the green suse screen appears and the progress bar goes to the end. Then it flashes the keyboard lights and spins the disk down
and then stops with the green splash screen - I have to
press the power button to turn off



this one?

segmentation fault bug kernel


Have you installed the latest kernel upgrade? It’s fixed that segfault problem on one machine of mine.

The original install of 11.2 worked, it’s only the last 2 or 3 weeks that it’s been doing it



Actually, having read that bug it may be that - I will shut the machine down from a terminal tonight rather than the gui and see



It was a regression that was introduced in one kernel upgrade, or perhaps a latent bug exposed, I forget which. The version released with 11.2 didn’t have the problem.

Previously I have the same problem also in xfce but in kde it shutdown normally.
The kernel update prior to the latest and the latest update during this week seems doing fine with xfce.