Handling ssh keys before and after upgrade

I upgraded from 13.2 to 42.2 by doing a clean install of 42.2 on a new drive, and installing and configuring programs as needed. Things are getting sorted out. I have this problem:

Before the upgrade, I installed and configured backuppc to backup (of course) my PC. Backuppc is installed on a separate box and is assigned the task of backing up several computers. It uses rsync with ssh in order to transfer data over the network.

The upgrade was very insistent on setting up kwallet and even though I didn’t use it in the past, I opted to use it with 42.2 .

I have kept my data from the 13.2 box available to my current installation.

Here’s my problem:
There are ssh keys in the 13.2 installation:

id_dsa  id_rsa  id_rsa.pub  known_hosts  known_hosts.suse

and (thanks to kwallet) there are other keys in 42.2 .

mark@mark:~/data> ls ~/.ssh
id_rsa  id_rsa.pub  known_hosts

How do I go about merging these two sets of keys so that both backuppc and kwallet can live happily?

Thanks a lot,


(if you need more information to help me, just ask.)