Handbrake Install: nothing provides libavresample.so.3

New install of tumbleweed, trying to install handbrake. It was working prior to reinstall (I got a new hard drive)

I added packman and kde extras repository, and tried to install handbrake via software manager in yast

Error is …nothing provides libavresample.so.3 …

ANy help is appreciated

Anyone, this is an odd error, as I had it installed prior to reformat.

If you check on PMBS, it’s in an unresolvable state…

Best head to their IRC channel or ML to find out when it might be resolved;

Sure! Two possible solutions, Check your repos, you could have a Leap 42 mixed in Tumbleweed repos.

Final possibility, Opensuse oss could be conflicting with packman, Maybe Yast> software management> Repositories> click Packman> up top will appear "switch system packages to versions in this repository (packman)

A lot of what you get is maintained by packman, this application could possibly be one, If that be true, all packages the application requires must come from packman!

No guarantee