Handbrake: Failure to initialise thread 'AVCodec Audio encoder (libavcodec)'

I have:

  • Leap 15.2,
  • the latest updates,
  • Packman and Libdvdcss repositories,
  • done the ‘change system packages to the versions in this repo’-thing (to Packman) in Yast.
  • ability to view BlueRay and DVD in VLC.

Handbrake was working fine earlier this summer, but since a while it won’t rip any of my DVD:s or BlueRay:s (but MKV works fine).

Handbrake chooses the correct title to rip and everything seems fine, it even rips the subtitles, but when it comes to the actual movie it always fails with: Failure to initialise thread ‘AVCodec Audio encoder (libavcodec)’.

If I choose to rip without sound, Handbrake works fine. The sound seems to be the problem, but libavcodec57 3.4.4 and libavcodec58 4.2.1 are installed. I tried Leap 15.1 on my secondary laptop but Handbrake shows the same behavior there.

Is anybody else experiencing this?
Is it possible to point Handbrake to the libavcodec files that are installed?
Any other ideas or suggestions?


I have the same issue :’(

Try AC3 instead of AAC as audio codec

Same behavior here. Switched Format from MPEG-4 to Matroska. Handbrake now rips the DVD.

The Problem is the Audio Codec…
fdk_aac is not working.
Try AC3.

Sure. When changing option “Format”, handbrake says: “no codec available” and upon clicking “continue” selects a working codec without further ado.:wink:

I change it in the audio tab.

Thank you for your input! Changing audio codec from AAC to AC3 seems to do the trick (I changed it under the ‘Audio’ tab). :slight_smile: