HandBrake can't open H264/avc video

Sample: output - output.mkv - Minus

I’m using handbrake-unstable-gtk 0.9.8+4913-1.9 from packman

Every time I open a H264/avc formatted video(check using mediainfo), handbrake crashes without any error message.

Anyone can confirm this or have a workaround?

(H264/avc is nowadays youtube HD format, it’s commonly used by internet stream videos)



I removed your second link as it was not working for me and crashed Firefox. As for the first link, I was able to open it with VLC and it played just fine, though that was not the nature of your question I know. I was worried about the second link and was unsure what was wrong with it.

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Well…it’s okay for me…it’s not malformed link, but our Packman Bugzilla…

I can play it too. but I can’t convert it to other encodings…

eg: I have to upload it somewhere with limitation of < 1000 overall bit rate, so I have to extract the video and audio, compress them separately, combine them again.

but handbrake can’t open the video format, which makes the conversion unavailable.

handbrake-gtk 0.9.6-1.18 may work fine.

On 10/06/2012 12:56 AM, jdmcdaniel3 wrote:
> I removed your second link as it was not working for me and crashed
> Firefox.

works ok here also (in Chrome) though i have to click through the
security certificate WARNING to get to “Welcome to Packman Bugtracker”
requiring a log in…

perhaps the FF has a parent control or addon with extreme fear of
certificate problems…

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0.9.6 and upcoming 0.9.8 stable fix it.

the -unstable maybe just distribute the svn version that don’t work.