Half life to linux !

Valve has released the half life beta for linux.

You can buy half life from steam ( 9.99 ) or install the game if you already have it.

Install on windows, then start linux.

Counter stike can now also be played on linux.

I prefere horror, sci fi and racing games, but this makes allot of people very happy.

Just want to add that Counterstrike 1.6 is running very good and MUCH better then before under wine (netsettings etc)!! I just tried it.
Happy gaming!:wink:

wow… interesting, got to try that…thanks for the info

I am having allot of fun with Half life

Runs perfect on my pc. You can see its an old game, but graphics don’t make good games.

I bought it years ago, some box with also counter strike, and 6 more.

On windows typed the key in steam, and got 8 games.
Then re booted pc, to run SUSE and started steam.

It then downloaded Half life and Counterstrike beta. :slight_smile:

The level I am at is I believe called surface tension, or maybe the one after that.

i just got Half-Life, FTL and CSS today all for less than $15. nice sale going on at steam for the Linux playable games.