HAL & PolicyKit - dependancies

I am running 10.3 Gnome and having the issue - I am able to mount DVD drive as root but not as user.

Looking at other threads…here http:
I find that I don’t have the PolicyKit files in /etc/PolicyKit/ as described - I guess that this means that I have a broken PolicyKit installed thought it was listed in installed software - if I run as root

planb:/home/stephen # rpm -q PolicyKit

but if I run as root (command prompt)
planb:/home/stephen # rpm -V PolicyKit
…G. /usr/lib/PolicyKit/polkit-grant-helper-pam
missing /usr/lib/libpolkit.so.1
If I look at rpm.pbone.net and look at PolicyKit - it tells me it is part of the package, but doesn’t appear to be installed.

Do I un-install HAL then PolicyKit and then what to re-install?

Total newbie - so I’m not even above water here…


Do you have PolicyKit-devel installed?