hal deprecation in opensuse anytime?

Apparently HAL (as also HAL9000) has become yesterday -
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Does suse plan to drop HAL anytime soon?

At openFATE - openSUSE feature tracking: #308762: Remove Hal by default on opensuse 11.3](https://features.opensuse.org/308762)

Status: Rejected by michl19 on 2010-02-10 18:32:11
Reason: As upstream project remove hal more and more it will evolutionary get removed from openSUSE as well.

Does suse plan to drop HAL anytime soon?

Good question. I remember a similar discussion in this thread. It appears openSUSE 11.3 will continue to use HAL/udev to some extent, although udisks (formerly named DeviceKit) is available for the current version (11.2) already.