had to kill /home for 11.0

I installed 11.0 last night. The system is a dual Opteron workstaion, 14 Gb RAM, and had a previous install of 10.2. I selected New Install and told 11.0 to not format /home. Preeviously I used the yast partitioner tool in 10.2 to verify that /home was a separate partition and matched the partition size - I am sure I was correctly choosing the old /home.

I repeatedly was given a 3003 can not mount /home error stating that mount needed a filesystem type. I tried fiddling a bit with the fstab settings in the installation program to no avail. Finally in a fit of frustration I decided to just format /home to get the install done, since all of my data is also on another machine. This will mean another 45 mins of data transfer after reconfiguring NFS.

The /home partition was auto-detected as filesystem type Linux. It was not possible in the install program to specify explicitly ext3. (I’m pretty sure it was an ext3 partition - possible it was a Rieser though).

I obviously do not need a solution to this problem, but thought it might be worthwhile to discuss the issue in order to gain a better understanding of what happened. Besides, maybe someone else is having the same issue.


Hmm… interesting problem.

I don’t have any theories, but that’s one heck of a nice workstation…