Had an awesome upgrade experience with Opensuse

I had a dual boot installation of Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit, and OpenSuse 11.3 64bit… I got access to MSDN at my new work and got a copy of 7 (which I only use for Windows games btw…) So I backed up my windows and linux data under Linux and proceeded to blow away my windows partition and fresh install Win7. of course Windows 7 modified the MBR and Linux was no longer bootable. I then downloaded Opensuse 11.4 Milestone3 and chose the upgrade option. Not really expecting it to work, the install completed, booted the system and it went to console. I then re-installed the nvidia graphics driver for my 2 BFG Geforce GTX 295’s from the terminal login. I chose to NOT have the nvidia-xconfig utility modify the xorg.conf file, and wham! upon reboot the OS booted, every single application except for playonlinux worked immediately, and WAY faster than before. Quad SLI started working immediately too, and all of my programs and settings worked like before! KDE 4.5 is AWESOME and so is Opensuse.

openSUSE 11.4 and Kernel .6.37 will be awesome !!

Just so long as you are aware, that 11.4 M3 is development
That we are now on M4
It’s not recommended for everyday use - or at least not in situations where you need your computer to work - period!

In my situation it is working much better than 11.3, and I installed it because i dont mind reinstalling the OS on this machine if necessary.