H/W RAID card driver install?

This question may be only valid with Enterprise SUSE but here goes anyway—

In an obscure google search I found that I cannot get my hardware BIOS raid card to have (offer?) full functionality (optional functionality?) in OpenSUSE because I would need the vendor’s RAID driver installed. This would allow the vendor’s RAID manager to load in Linux. In short I need to replace the driver currently used (provided by SUSE.)

The instructions stated (in that obscure google search) that during the booting of the install CD, there was an <F?> key to strike to notify the install program to halt and ask for the Vendor’s disk driver CD. Just like installing Windows 2K, 2K3 server software.

These instructions were all for RedHat Enterprise, SUSE Enterprise, and other Linux servers distros.

Do any members of this forum know if I can install a vendor’s RAID device driver duing the install of OpenSUSE 11.1 which is a desktop Linux version? (KDEversion preferably.)

(I can provide details, but gosh all I want to install is the IBM driver and I cannot do that with the array HDD being used by the system.)