H.264 Codec & Mplayer


This is my first post as a new user of suse. I played with Ubuntu for a while and now I am over here and loving it. Things are a little different…I am still a newbie though and need some help.

I can’t get the apple trailers to play in the firefox browser. When I click on it, it says missing codecs. One of which is the H.264. All I can find in the packman repo is the X264. Are they the same?

Also, mplayer doesn’t recognize the previews either. I’ve read somewhere that I have to download the codecs then recompile Mplayer. Ummmm, how do I go about that?


Add packman to your repo’s list & update allyour multimedia & codecs. Should sort it. or you could use the 1-click install here
Restricted Formats/11.0 - openSUSE-Community for 11.0
Restricted Formats/11.1 - openSUSE-Community for 11.1


My bad, I forgot to mention I already have the packman repo installed and updated. I just updated it this morning.

Apple trailers can be a pia to get working. Even with the codecs, the web site is setup such that the videos do not always work under Linux. Currently I get less than user friendly playback from their trailers, and it is constantly very time consuming on my time to figure out a way to hack into an Apple site trailer that I want to see from Linux.

Good to know, everything else seems to work great, so I was [ahem] befuddled when apple’s gave me a no-go. Probably not worth the effort then, huh? So where’s a guy to get his movie trailer fix…not something I take lightly? (probably off topic) >:)

Mmm strange diff distro at the moment but I’m getting the same problem.

Curious will it play the url off the cli/plain mplayer. I’m getting a lot of errors and I’m using mplayer-svn.

FAAD: Failed to decode frame: Maximum number of scalefactor bands exceeded 
FAAD: Failed to decode frame: Channel coupling not yet implemented 
FAAD: Failed to decode frame: Gain control not yet implemented 
FAAD: Failed to decode frame: First SBR frame is not the same as first AAC frame

But stranger still is I use the gxine plugin, which doesn’t auto play but will play of the cli.

Do you get similar?

I have no such problems with mplayerplug-in and apple trailers

You got any ideas how to track it microchip? I’m guessing it is something related to both as I’m struggling with both players, (Could this be h264-svn I suspect you’re using it(Does mplayer))