Gwenview plugins missing/only on digiKam?

KDE/Plasma5, gwenview5 17.04.2-1.5 from OSS repo

Tested with kipi-plugins 5.5.0-2.11 from OSS and 5.9.0-188.18 from KDE:Extra

Up to 42.1 Gwenview had a plethora of plugins, among them the Batch Resize that I’m interested in, provided by the kipi-plugins package.

Until mid-2017 this didn’t work anymore, according to and couldn’t find any recent info on this.

Is there any way I can restore this functionality? Barring that, do I have to use digiKam (overkill for my needs) or is there a similar package for batch resizing? I know I could do this image by image, but there are a lot of them…



Alternatively, is there a Dolphin service for this? I think previous versions had one - maybe for konqueror, but I couldn’t find one in Dolphin config nor the repos.


For resizing, converseen from the OSS repo does the job nicely. But the other kipi-plugins functionality would still be nice.

I have always used imagemagick to batch resize from the CLI.

Sure, works well enough and has a lot more options. The thing is that as an occasional user, I never seem to memorize all relevant command line options, so every time I have to look them up again (terminal history helps a bit here), etc. A GUI makes things easier and quite faster, and works for 95% of my work needs.