gwenview image rendering

I have a strange problem with gwenview for a quite long time. It displays some high resolution images kind of blurry.
Today I resized some photos using imagemagick( convert -resize 75% ) from 4500x6000 pix. While the original photos was displayed by gwenview nice and clear, the resized ones looked blurry.
I tooked screenshots, here is the difference:
The one of the left side is the original 4500x6000 pix jpg, the one on the right side is the resized one at 3000x4000pix.

I opened the same files with gqview, and both of them was displayed clear.
The left side cut from the original, the right side from the resized.

With showphoto also both display clear:

So i don’t think that the problem was with resize operation, but with gwenview’s jpeg rendering. It also happend that it displayed images blurry wich were not resized.

I’m currently using kde 4.4.3, but I observed the same with all the versions of kde4 and gwenview4 ( I used 4.3, 4.2, 4.1, 4.0 with openSUSE )

From the example pics I can not see any difference.

Resizing by definition loses information.

JPG is a compressed lossy format which means that again by definition not all the original information is there. How much is lost is dependent on the amount of compression.

This may be a good question for the gwenview developer: Gwenview | News

You probably need to raise this question on the gwenview mailing list:

Darn if I can see any difference.
And gwenview works like charm for me.