Gwenview Fullscreen Flickering & Video Crashes

Hi All,

I expect other people have experience this, and I expect it is a KDE4 bug at this point, rather than a distro-specific bug (since I have experienced it in other kde4 distros as well).

Specifically, when I use Gwenview in fullscreen mode (which is beautiful, by the way) the screen seems to flicker once or twice a short moment after switching to a new photo.

This occurs with compositing on, and with it off (if I remember correctly). It happens on my 2 acer aspire netbooks (with intel graphics) as well as my nice fast home machine with a geforce 6000 series and amd 64 bit processor. Both 32 bit os and 64 bit os experience this issue.

Also, videos often (but not always) crash Gwenview in full screen mode.

I haven’t experienced either of the above issues in non-full screen mode.

I searched this forum but couldn’t find any other reports of these problems. Has anyone else experienced this?? Does anyone know if this is a confirmed KDE4/Gwenview issue??



No issues at my end on either _64 or 32 bit

It could be worth trying disabling desktop effects.

Although I use them! But only via kwin not compiz