gwenview doesn't open files from dolphin but from konsole yes

using KDE and plasma5, I have some .jpg files in a folder but gwenview doesn’t open them clicking on them. others software yes, so the jpg is ok.
gwenview gives this on the top of the window


but the file isn’t in /tmp/org.kde.gwenview-m9uxwF.
if I open a konsole window and do this it works:

pla@pla3-TW:/dati/plax> gwenview ddd.jpg
KActivities: FATAL ERROR: Failed to contact the activity manager daemon
Removing "/tmp/org.kde.gwenview-m7Qxki/" from recent folders. It does not exist anymore

how can I have gwenview working??
manythanks, ciao, pier :slight_smile: