Gwenview do not honour orientation of pictures

on my laptop running leap 15.4 and KDE, when I use gwenview wit a picture rotatet of 180degrees it shows me always in the stright way and not rotated of 180 degrees.
for example a picture like this
freccia in alto
with properties orientation=horizontal

pla@pla4-TW:/home/pla/Documents/> exiftool -orientation "freccia in alto.jpg" Orientation : Horizontal (normal)
it shows me the picture as is and therefore in this way
freccia in alto

but if I have a picture like this

with properties orientation=rotated 180°

pla@pla4-TW:/home/pla/Documents/> exiftool -orientation "freccia in basso.jpg" Orientation : Rotate 180
it shows me the picture rotated and therefore in this way
freccia in alto
and not in this way

how can I get the pictures always as they are without taking account of rotation??

Uhm what? Your description is absolutely confusing. You are using two different tools (Gwenview and exiftool) but your goal is not clearly described…

You can just rotate the picture and click on agree to save them like that. Hope i understand well what the question was.

@pier_andreit After consulting my crystal ball (and using a search engine on my own…you can learn that too :wink:) I found this:

manythanks yes, your cristalball is right, it is quite difficult to explain the whole thing, I used exiftool to know what was the orientation to understand why gwenview shows all the pictures in the stright way even thm was made in other orientation, so it seems to be a known bug…

what I expect is that if the orientation is rotated 180° (arrow down) gwenview should show me the picture rotated 180° (arrow down) and not arrow up

I wonder how you are using Gwenview. In the GUI version I have Rotate right, Rotate left, Mirror and Flip which do 90° and 180° movements - all ending up in the correct orientation.

I think it depends if your pictures has the exif parameter orietation set or not, if not set everything works as you say, if is set not

If photo has orientation tag – rotate it: Exif Orientation Page

Hi hui, as I better read the bug you found
the bug complain the contrary what is my expected result,
so I added my comment to the bug.
my expected result is that gwenview Image should NOT be rotated acording to the EXIF orientation tag,
or at least to have an option to honour or not the orientation EXIF tag.

This makes absolutely no sense. If a picture has an orientation tag, all imageviewers should honor that and show it rotated according to the tag. What would be the sense of a rotation tag if it is not honored…

the sense is that I have pictures that has orientation tag and I see them not in the way I want to be shown so I have to rotate them, if I remove the orientation tag the pictures is shown as I would like to see.
and also, if you use with pictures commands like this:
magick convert -background white -gravity north -extent ‘100x120%’ “file.orientation1.jpg”
and the picture has orientation tag=rotated 180° the extension is placed upside instead than downside,
so to have an option to show without honouring orientation tag should be very better,

You already have the solution there: If you have pictures with a wrong rotation (whyever you applied it in the first place) you need to remove or fix the rotation. Again: imageviewers need to honor the applied rotation or there is no sense at all for such a feature…

Hi hui :smiley:
I think it is a bug not a feature, becouse having a feature (the orientation that the camera apply) is useful, but the imageviewers should allow to dishonour that orientation feature for many reasons among all also mines, if imagewiewers doesn’t has this option this is a bug for me, I would like to see my pictures also as I take them, not ALWAYS as imagewiewer interpret the orientation of the camera, so if I send to a friend or collegue some pictures, I only has to say him to set the imageviewer to not honour the orientation, I cannot remember which picture is taken and which orientation it has, without the option my friend will see the pictures as the imageviewer want not as I want

Sorry, but that is not what is normally seen as “a bug”.

A bug is something that does not work to specifications. And I do not think that the original specifications included an option to disobey the orientation included in an EXIF.

What you want is not magically becoming an specification because you want/need it. And thus an option that is not specified, nor implemented in a program is not a bug. It simply does not exist.

You may see this as a useful feature (were others may disagree), but it will be a feature at the most. And when such a feature is not implemented in a tool (even if the designers had could see that in the future a certain per_andreit would want this, which they of course could not) that is not a bug.

But you are always free to ask for a feature to the all the developers of all the image viewers/editors that everyone of your friends using all sorts of operating systems may or many not use.



If you think you’ve found an anomaly, why are you reporting it in this forum ??

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