Gwenview and samba share caching


I have a freshly installed OS13.1 64bit system and everything is working pretty well now (even KMail… I had some “exciting” time setting that up)

…except that I experience a bit of a strange behaviour with Gwenview:

I have a samba share (Ubuntu 12.04 server) mounted (through fstab) at /media/fileserver and when I browse pictures in there, Gwenview always caches every picture locally. Meaning, it first copies the picture to a local cache before viewing. It’s strange because I can stream videos with Kaffeine and do pretty much anything else over the network without any caching at all.

Can this behaviour be changed somehow? This has something to do with the KIO system? I’ve been away from KDE for many years so I really don’t know (or remember) where to begin.

The problem seems to have corrected itself… maybe a patch? :question: I can now browse pics on the mounted Samba share without KDE doing any local caching.