Gwenview 4.13 File Operations: Delete Confirmation Disappeared

All by itself, Gwenview stopped giving me a confirmation when I click “Delete”, which is found on the File Operations tab. I deleted the “/.kde4/share/apps/gwenview” folder, but that didn’t work. In Gwenview’s options, there is nothing about file operation confirmation messages. How can I fix this, and is it a bug?

Probably you activated the option “Don’t show this anymore” in the confirmation dialog?

I think this is saved to ~/.kde4/share/config/gwenviewrc, so try to remove this. Or edit it with a text editor and remove the following lines:

[Notification Messages]

Which version of openSUSE? Which DE (KDE, Gnome, …)?

As openSUSE 13.1 (the newest released version) has Gwenview 4.11.15, you apperently have yours from another repo.

Please take into account that most of us are not clairvoyant.

There is realy no action like patching/updating that can be connected to this?

Are you sure this was functioning as you think it was? When I try this in my Gwenview (specs see above) and use from the File menu the “Move toi Dustbin” or “Delete” items, it does not ask for confirmation. I have no idea how this was yeserday or last month.

I’m using openSUSE 13.1 x64 with KDE 4.13. I viewed the file: ~/.kde4/share/config/gwenviewrc and the line:

[Notification Messages]

does not exist. I also removed ~/.kde4/share/config/gwenviewrc, as well as added the above line to the file, and the delete confirmation still does not appear. I guess something got broken.

Works fine here.

But if you add that line you have to set it to “false” for the dialog to appear.

Try with a new user, and also have a look at the settings in dolphin’s confirmations settings (General->Confirmations).

But since you think my attitude stinks anyway, I’m not going to bother about this any further… >:)

That was it. Thanks. :wink: