~/.gvfs - do I need to back it up?

I’ve had a set of tar scripts set up to handle overnight backups which I’ve
been running (as root) for some time. All of a sudden I’m getting an error
message of …
home/alan/.gvfs: Cannot stat: Permission denied

googling tells me that .gvfs is the (new) gnome virtual fs and only got
created a couple of days ago.

Seems odd to me - as a user I can stat .gvfs but root can’t - I thought root
was God.

Since I use KDE and my info is that it’s used for temporarily mounting fs
(in open office), I’m assuming that I don’t actually need to back it up.

Can some Gnome guru confirm or deny this for me please?


openSUSE 11.1, KDE 4.2.2