Guild Wars on Opensuse 11.2 64 bit

I installed Guild Wars in Opensuse 11.2 with Wine. I had to install Dx9 first then Guild Wars. The only bug I have is with the screenshot and it was fixed by adding the required folder that didnt on install or by simply using the Linux screenshot. My playing results are incredible. Better graphics,the game plays at 100 to 300+ fps and my ping is usually around 80 compared to 200-300 in Windows.also All settings are at full or maximum.

I am so very glad to hear this, I’m running suse11.2x64 too, and I’m thinking on installing guild wars as soon as I finish my classes this semester.(Time hog, lol)

I’ve heard it runs very well on wine but I didn’t know it was so…Perfect.
Thanks for your feedback.

works out of the box on 11.1 with the latest version of wine too.

OK so I’ve finished this semester and i’ve finally gotten to install guild wars. However performance wasn’t like expected.
Whil;e it was playable out of the box without any registry tweaks or special configurations, some minor graphical quirks and poor performance left me disappointed.

I get about 40~60 fps in places were I usually get between 100~150 fps in windows. In very populated areas, FPS drops to the middle~high teens.
This is still very playable but I cant stop noticing how far wine still is from even obtaining half the windows performance.

This is using wine 1.1.28, the default package when installing from yast, though I downloaded and built 1.1.43 from source and couldn’t get GW to go beyond the login screen. :frowning:

For now, and apparently for ever, I still have to logout my linux box and login into windows. In the end I keep using windows even after I’m done playing. The whole idea of rebooting again just to read my email, disturbs me, and after all windows 7 is pretty good. I have an awesome (free) antivirus, and I’m running as a normal user, so critical tasks, like installing a program requires me to input the root password, so I feel a little more secure.

I assume you’ve tried the standard stuff

you are running the correct 3d / proprietary drivers for your graphics card
you have disabled desktop effects

Have you already looked at the suggestions on the Wine AppDB as well?

After all on that thread most people say they are able to equal windows

Did you ever sort out Guild Wars Performance?
I have GW running on a few systems at my place, all using OpenSuSE 11.2 and wine. I find that Hardware impacts its performance greatly.

What kind of hardware are you running? Most importantly, Video Card?


To this very day I still get about half Window’s performance when playing GW, or any other game for that matter. Sometimes worse.
Now I own a 9800GT and an AMD X2 7850 @ 3GHZ
I find that disabling desktop effects produces litle to no benefit. So I conclude the extra headroom Wine imposes to my system is just to much for my CPU to handle.
I’d be thrilled to hear feedback from other users with Intel CPUs.