Guide to Install Dual Boot (oS already installed)

Hey guys,

We have a workstation here at work which has OpenSuse 10.3 on. We’d like to install Vista 64bit on it in dual boot with the linux, however the linux installation must remain untouched.

Is there anywhere where I can find an exact list of steps to follow to get this done? I have done this before, however I work in an office environment where only ‘IT’ personell are allowed to touch the machines setup… I know.

The IT guys want an explanation on how to get it done, hence my asking.


Open a terminal and become su and do:

fdisk -l

Post the result here so we can see your partitions


I’ll give it a bash tomorrow when I’m back in the office!


I have done a similar task. I installed Vista 32 bit as a dual boot on a computer that already had openSUSE 11.1 installed. This is the guide I followed:

How to dual-boot Vista with Linux (with Linux installed first) – the step-by-step guide with screenshots

I don’t recall it being specific to 32bit vs 64bit or version of Linux. The procedure was fairly simple and it worked great for me.

Thanks! I’ve seen that guide before, one thing I just want to check that the guide doesn’t mention. Do you just need to resize the Linux partition, or do you need to resize and move it? I can’t remember correctly, but doesn’t Windows require to be installed at the beginning of the drive? Or doesn’t it matter anymore?

Windows can be installed even in a logical partition - BUT it must have a suitable Primary Partition to place it’s boot code (NTFS or FAT)

That’s why I asked you for fdisk -l

Sure, I’m just waiting for a moment to get on the machine and I will check out the fdisk.


Hey guys,

I wasn’t able to login in as SU, don’t have the password. Trying to find it from IT, such a process!!

Anyway, I did the best I could for the moment:

Perhaps this lot helps?


That’s not really great. Just how do you plan to even do this work without admin rights?

Can’t you perhaps use something like Parted Magic: Downloads - Parted Magic
Boot from it and open the Partitioner - Take a screen of it.

But from what I see, it doesn’t look too promising.