Guidance requested with using fdupes


I only have seen my remark about IFS=. Please point to the post # above where you mention an error about IFS.

And it beyond be what Kate has to do with IFS.

Riddles, confusion, I think this is beyond my way of understanding logic.

Henk I do appreciate that you have a problem understanding my poor explanation but I think you are referring to my remark in my post no.4 which referred to as an error because it popped up, flashing in red, when I was editing a script in Kate.
I mentioned it then because I had and still have no idea why I received the warning but meanwhile it is much more likely the errors are closer to my original efforts, as advised in hui’s very constructive and helpful recent reply.

I already told you that you should make one thread per problem. Thus a problem with Kate should NOT be handled here.

Your way of working is to chaotic for me. Sorry, but I have to quit.

@Budgie2 From a recent Forum post, this tool may fulfill your needs?

Hi Malcolm,
Wow, many thanks I shall look into this as soon as I have sorted out exactly what I should doing as my directories are still in a mess. Meanwhile I have been deflected by a couple of other issues like snapshots!

Did you write czkawka? Glad the docs are in English!
Will report when I have tried it on a sample.

@Budgie2 Nooo, I just packaged it up… :wink: It’s finished building for Leap 15.5, so just download the rpm (when it’s published!) and install locally…

Hi Malcolm,
I have an error installing:-

Error: INVALID:czkawka-6.0.0~0-lp155.2.1.x86_64 (file-2a018efa): Signature verification failed [4-Signatures public key is not available]

Not sure how I should resolve.

@Budgie2 it’s because my repo is not present, you can ignore or install the key from that repo…

I have selected the ignore option but I recall some time ago I had your own repos public key installed.
BTW how do I install the manual?

Hi Malcolm,
I was deflected by snapshot issue but will spend some time on this today. Many thanks for your work on this which is now in the Leap 15.5 repo.
Still struggling with documentation though. How do I get the English manual or docs?

Ok I have it now and -d is not delete, it is directories!
The instructions are all there but command specific.
Please forgive my too hasty post.