GUI Virusscan for Opensuse 10.2 and 11


I am looking for (privat)a good virusscanner (for Samba) with a Gui that searches active (in Memory) and scannes per Scheduler at a specific time.
The Update should be automatic.
This should be work on Opensuse 10.2 and 11.x and easy to install.

Who knows? and has experiance in Virusscanner?

Thanks a lot!!!

clamav which has a gui and freshclam which runs as a service to update the sigfiles.

There is also Avira Antivir

F-Prot and AVG as well…

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Perusing the package manager, I’ve noticed clamav has a Klamav frontend and a gtk one as well. Clamtk.

If you run a server and although it does not has a GUI it might be useful to run the RKhunter you can run it as cronjob
Rkhunter stands for Rootkit hunter