GUI unzip failure

Xfce in use.

When I left-click on a .zip file I get…

Failed to execute child process “lxterminal” (No such file or directory). I installed lxterminal, the error disappeared, but it did not unzip.

So I right-clicked on it and under “Properties/Open with” I selected /usr/bin/unzip which is available. Nothing changed. I can open a terminal and extract it but not by clicking on it.

/DATA/DOWNLOADS> /usr/bin/unzip i.claudius.s01.e13.old.king.log.*.zip
Archive:  i.claudius.s01.e13.old.king.log.(1976).eng.1cd.(6586313).zip
  inflating: I, Claudius 13 Old King  
  inflating: i.claudius.old.king.log.(6586313).nfo  

Any suggestion will be appreciated.

I always unzip from a command line, so that I can better control the destination.

Have you checked whether it was unzipped to a different directory?

It seems strange that you would be using XFCE, but not already have “lxterminal” installed.

Good diagnosis. It was being unzipped to my home directory. Thank you. And yes, I thought it was strange about “lxterminal” too. Welcome to the strange world of computing.

Today’s XFCE cefault terminal emulator is xfce4-terminal.
lxterminal is the default terminal emulator in lxde.

Small mystery.
Maybe historically both DE were/are installed on this system?