GUI not loading

Installed Qt 5.9 as zoom(desktop sharing software) required. After I shut down the system, system boots up in terminal tty1, but GUI didn’t load. Please guide me.

Since I couldn’t find out the issue, I did system recovery with installing bootable (working) snapshot. Everything works. But missed some updates, which can be fixed.

Please use description in the command -

snapper rollback -d'description'

as this description reflects in iso command

snapper --iso list

Many Thanks!

FYI : your installed KDE / Plasma packages depend on a specific version of Qt, i.e. the version the KDE packages are built against. So the result you got is ‘normal’.
FYI2: Tumbleweed does have Qt 5.9

Many Thanks!!! I’m trying to upgrade from 42.2 to 42.3 but facing some issues. Could you please have a look of my another thread to suggest some solution?