gui install drops to text install 12.1


I downloaded the 64-bit DVD. The md5checksum was correct.

I began the installation on a PC using a nvidia GT 430.

During the GUI installation I was asked to reboot.
I rebooted.
But, an indication on screen said something was wrong and it had to continue in a text only install.

So, I thought, “no big deal, I’ll get into X after the text install”.
Unfortunately, after the text install finished all it did was give me a command prompt to login. I logged in.

Everything is fine but I’d like to get X working.

I just ran,

zypper update 

and will reboot afterwards.

Can anyone offer me any suggestions on what to do if it returns be to a text based login?

I’m new to opensuse and haven’t read much about it; so sorry if I sound like I’m lost, but I’m lost.

Thank you.

after running zypper update and rebooting the GUI started fine. Thank you.

Bote you may want to install the NVIDIA proprietary driver. It will make a difference.