GUI in xp client

hi there,
in our hpce environment we have server installed with suse (10 version) linux 64bit.
as i’m a new user to linux,don’t know how to access.
i’m working on a xp machine and 'm connecting to the server using putty telnet protocol.but this doesn’t give me gui.its a simple command line know wassup in., 'm despo to get a piece of software like remote desktop connection in microsoft environment(remember 'm a beginner but 'm scheduled with work deadlines).can anyone help me out!!

karunakar1289 wrote:

> our hpce environment we have server installed with suse (10 version)


first, no version of SUSE SuSE nor openSUSE version 10 is still
supported by this community…

however, it is possible that the version you are running is SUSE
Linux Enterprise Server version 10 which is supported by Novell, if
you have an ongoing support agreement with them…so, research that
there, and contact Novell at

that said, i guess that most likely you are running a high performance
server which has no X <>
installed or running since running such is not necessary in order to
be a ‘server’…

do you have competent, trained Linux administrators on site who can
help you??

what are you trying to do on the server that cannot be done from the
command line (without a GUI)? tell us what you are tying to do, and
maybe we can help…

there ARE several ways to interact with X running on the server, but
not if X is not running…do you know if it is installed? do you know
if it is running?

well, to learn if it is installed, at the servers command line type
and enter:

which X

hmmmm…i’m not able to easily remember how to test if X is
running…if it dawns on me i’ll return, but while there do this also
and report back its output:

cat /etc/SuSE-release

careful, all commands at the Linux command line are case sensitive,
that is “which x” and “which X” are NOT the same…

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I suspect you mean SLED 10. You can probably install TightVNC into SLED 10 and into xp and then connect to Suse from xp.

Maybe like this: TightVNC (VNC Xvnc) on openSUSE as Client or Server (Remote Desktop Connections)