GUI for sensors

Hi. I’m still a beginner at opensuse kde way and ask for your understanding and patience.

I installed openSUSE 13.2 KDE 64 bit, the new laptop, cpu AMD E-2, integrated gpu ati hd 7340, 8 gb ram, SATA2 HDD.
Please recommendation for a GUI program with which I saw the data from sensor (cpu temp, GPU temp, hdd smart, hdd temp …)

In yast see that the sensors installed by default and do not know which program I see this information.
If there is no all within one application, you can recommend for multiple applications.
I will not widgets that would be constantly active, or not to install new themes.
Simply just want a GUI program for reading sensors, which I occasionally run and check hardware.
Tnx :wink:

try ksysguard %U

it should be found under the -Geco --Utilities —Monitor

as standard the System Load tab gives CPU History, Memory and Swap History, Network History,
new tab can be created to show lots of parameters including temperatures

thanx for this info, i never dug up for this feature.

@ keellambert](

Thank you very much for the help. I did it with this program, open a new tab, added sensors and now I have images of the sensor.
I do not know how I add hdd temp and hdd smart status because these sensors do not offer in ksysguard …?

I am not sure, but I use on kde a thingy called sensors.
To make this work I had to install lm sensors.

I had an issue with it though, it can show three temps, but the third temp is bs.

It works fine for motherboard and cpu temp.

check to see if sensors is installed, cmd

rpm -q sensors
eg. sensors-3.3.5-5.1.x86_64

if not install it

then run

sudo sensors-detect

the cmd

sudo hddtemp /dev/sda

gives the output

/dev/sda: WDC WD5000AAKS-00A7B2: 31°C (ymmv for device id.)

will show HDD temps. but its not gui

the device id. can be seen from output of cmd