GUI for scanning wireless networks?

I have my rtl8187 working. I can scan for networks with iwlist and see networks around me, but it’s a bit clumsy to use iwlist to get the ssid then copy and paste it into Network Manager. I travel for business and when I get to the hotel I just want an easy way to find and connect to the hotel’s wireless network.

Oops, sorry, I found it. Network Manager/Edit Connections/Add New Connection.


use kwifimanager where u can scan wireless ntwk

wifi-radar is another GUI for scanning


Thanks for the replies. I may try those, but Network Manager seems pretty easy.

I Googled for hours and just found posts of people having wireless problems. So glad I can come here and actually get answers. Very much appreciated.

Hello everybody,

I am working with network wireless in opensuse 11.0.
Well, I have two pc’s and one laptop. I have one pc conected in managed mode to the other that it is in master mode( this pc has a wire connection), and they work very well. But my problem is the next… now I want connect the laptop in ad-hoc mode to the pc which is connected in managed mode. Is more or less like this:

PC1 (mode Master) ----> Pc2(mode Managed ) ----> LapTop (mode ad-hoc)

I know that I have to created two virtual networks in the pc 2 but really I cant. I hope some suggestion please.

Thank you very much.

You should post your own thread on the subject. It’s poor etiquette to hijack a thread and your post is likely to get lost so that you won’t get the answers you seek.